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Sophie Richards

Sophie Richards has a remarkable talent for photography. At the tender age of 17, she is already shooting stunning photograph after stunning photograph which show a talent and eye way beyond her years. What really stands out in Sophie's work is her outstanding and unique use of natural lighting. Take a few hours to sift through Sophie's portfolio of work, and fall in love with every single shot

What got you into photography? I am not really sure, it sort of just clicked one day when I was 15. When I was younger, my parents always used to point out little things that most people didn’t notice and I think it was just a revelation for me to be able to finally document those things.

Which of your own photographs is your favourite? Ow. Now that is probably the hardest question to ask me. I have this love hate relationship with my photographs. When I’m taking them, I really enjoy it and feel that I’ve done really well but upon looking at them for the second or third time, I feel that they’re just average. I think it really just comes down to the memories and emotion associated with the photos – if they are strong, I generally like the photos more.

Who are your favourite photographers?
Francesca Woodman, Ryan McGinley, Hedi Slimane, Damon Loble. (Check out Damon Loble’s site. Pretty much my favourite site in existence!)

What cameras do you use? I mainly use my Nikon D90. But also have a little Konica, a Konica Pop and just recently got a Pentax ME super. Which is quite exciting
J. I’m getting a roll developed on Monday, so I will get to see how/if the pictures turn out. So excited.

What are your ambitions with regards to your photography? Well, my dream is to live off my art. Exhibit heaps and be a fashion photographer for a French magazine too. Not so ambitious, right? Haha \:

Who is your favourite author? Bret Easton Ellis!

Where did you grow up? Well, I was born in Melbourne, then moved to Brisbane, then to Portugal, then back to Melbourne, then Brisbane, then Ireland and now I’m back in Brisbane.

What were you like as a child? I was pretty cheeky as a child. I was the class clown yet still managed to get all the teachers to love me >:D!

What music do you listen to? Hard question, but my favourite band is Belle and Sebastian. You can check out the rest here, though à

What, or who inspires you? Passion, people and pretty lighting (:

Who or what would you most like to photograph? To be utterly cliché, I’d love to photograph Gemma Ward. Also Chloë Sevigny. And maybe Audrey Tautou… Also Audrey Hepburn in her prime. That’d be my ideal photoshoot <3>

What did you want to be when you grew up? First I wanted to be an architect and then a journalist… And that’s about it!

Sophie's blog


  1. ive seen her stuff before, soooo gorgeous! very light and beautiful

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