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Hannah Kristina Metz

Hannah Kristina Metz is a New York based photographer, artist and online vintage-store entrepreneur. Prefering to use film over digital, Hannah's work has a raw, unaltered edge to it that is a breathe of fresh air after all the edited photography around at the moment. Subject matter includes husband and photography-partner-in-crime, Landon; forests, naked people and glimpses of their antique-furniture-and-bric-a-brac-cluttered apartment. Not to mention photo after photo documenting Hannah's enviable vintage collection. Take a look into Hannah's world and you'll never want to come back.

Which of your own photographs is your favourite?
it was a beautiful morning, warm, cozy and lazy.

 Who are your favourite photographers? Ellen Rogers is magic, David Hamilton has some
pretty dreamy images and I love my buddies Aimee
Brodeur and Ali Scarpulla.

 What are your ambitions with regards to your photography? I'm happy to just continue as is!
I don't really have any ambitions other than producing a massive collection of photos
and stories to someday regale my grandchildren with.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Ottawa, Canada. I couldn't wait to move away but now I
regard it rather fondly and always look forward to visits (especially in spring and fall).

 What were you like as a child? I spent a lot of time playing "make believe" and choreographing
dance numbers. Rather average I imagine, but hopelessly romantic. I brought the complete works
of Shakespeareto school in fourth grade and read from it no doubt clueless of
what I was reading - it just sounded nice.

What, or who inspires you? When I was younger I surrounded myself with my mums art history
books and I find myself always going back to them when I'm at a loss with my own creative
endeavors. I'll always have a place in my heart for the victorian and edwardian artists. I
have to add also, at risk of sounding completely cheesy,
that Landon is endlessly inspirational to me.

Who or what would you most like to photograph? Hmm,
I'm happy with my present cast of characters to photograph.

What cameras do you use? My favourite is our Pentax k1000 followedby the Yashica T4 and
Rollei 35. We have an ever expanding collection of cameras many of which we've yet to try
(inluding a
Nishika 3d camera) I hope to remedy this shortly!

What did you want to be when you grew up? I fancied growing up to be a singer (crushed when I realized
people no longer sang like Snow White nor did they desire to hear me sing like her),actress
(crushed when I could not project my voice and couldn't contain laughter at inappropriate
times), ballerina (crushed when my teacher told me my hips were not made for dance),
fashion designer (crushed when I couldn't figure out zippers and maths), missionary
(crushed when I didn't want to talk about jesus but rather act like him
instead, much to the chagrin of my missions school)
now I'd like to find a way to be paid to travel
the world and continue as my own boss!
Hannah's photography website
Hannah and Landan's photography website
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  1. she is one of my very favorites, i love her so!

    beautiful job on this new blog, by the way!


  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! How humbling to be sandwiched between such a lot of talent!