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Margarette Bacani

"Margarette Bacani is a writer moonlighting as a photographer. I specialize in travelography and portraits. I dream of seeing and shooting the world and sharing it to people who don't want to get out of their houses but instead just read travel magazines". Margarette

Margarette Bacani's conceptual photographs all appear to have a great deal of thought, time and effort behind them. This is a young photographer who cares dearly about her work and has talent beyond her years. Margarette also has sections on her website for candids, portraits, travel photography and still lifes. Her great love is of travel photography and writing.

What got you into photography? The joy of taking self-portraits. I wanted (and still do) my portraits to be emotive, and if you're going to put emotion into a photo, the best model to do it is yourself. That is my square one, and I am now in a completely different area of photography.

Which of your own photographs is your favorite? This is probably the hardest question a photographer can be confronted with. I always answer "The Mermaid" photo (see below), but it's only because a huge amount of effort was put into that photo shoot. Other favorites are based from a personal, unexplainable point of view, and if you'll look at them, you won't see anything special at all.

Who are your favourite photographers? They are from different genres of photography. For landscapes/places, Marcin Stawiarz. For portraits, Antonio Ysursa. For concerts, Niña Sandejas (although I don't shoot concerts, I just love her work, haha). And for conceptual shoots (which I used to do and hopefully will pick up again), Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir.

What music do you listen to? I prefer rock (the Fall Out Boy kind), but I have a vast collection of other genres in my iPod, too. So what I listen to is basically anything that are not rap or hip-hop. I still even listen to boy bands.

What are your ambitions with regards to your photography? Well, my ambitions are big enough. But I don't see myself working with clients, asking me to take photos of their weddings and engagements and that kind of stuff. I want to work for a magazine, and be stable there. Something purely related to traveling, like National Geographic, where they'd ask you to go to places and take photos of landmarks and the locals.

Who or what do you most like to photograph? I have just recently developed a passion in photographing places, the world. And since I don't have the nature on directing models, I now prefer to shoot portraits in their candid form. But I could spend forever taking photos of places I've been to hundreds of times.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in the Philippines, have lived there for the past nineteen years. I'm used to pollution, everyday heavy traffic, third-world drama, and a failing government. But I love it there, I still do. Then only about two months ago did I move to California.

What are your favorite blogs? My interest in blogs are divided - the ones I like to read and the ones I like looking through for photos. I'm currently stalking the photography blog of a certain Joseph ( from my hometown. His photos are so raw.

What, or who inspires you? On an everyday basis, magazines and travel guides. Haha! I have a growing collection of travel guides and maps. And I own a lot of accounts online so I can browse through other people's works. I'm not the biggest fan of my work, so professional photographers really train my eyes on how to shoot.

What cameras do you use? A Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi (and dreaming of a 5D Mark II). I don't think I'd ever get into the film-comeback bandwagon. I'm afraid of the unknown results. Although I sometimes do fake digital photos to make them look like film, haha! I love the grain and the "battered" effect.

Who is your favorite author? Joyce Carol Oates. I love her writing style and her suspenseful choice of words. But the favorite author is entirely different from the favorite book.

What were you like as a child? A quiet couch potato who was spoiled to death by indoor toys just so my parents could keep me indoors. I always talked to myself and often got lost in department stores.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A writer. Who travels 98% of the time. And works and sends photos for National Geographic. Haha. :) I want to be that person who couldn't be contacted because she's constantly moving all over the place.

Margarette's Portfolio
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