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Tania Shcheglova

Tania Shcheglova takes wonderfully whimsical photographs of barefoot beauties with heavy fringes hanging around trees, meadows and carosols. Most of the photographs are collaborations with her boyfriend, Roman Protsyuk. Tania's pictures transport you away from your every day world into a land of make-believe.

What got you into photography? Selfphotography by a trashy digital cam

Which of your own photographs is your favourite?
I guess the ones with reflected light, hair and sun, black lips and
heels, shapes and triangles, shoulders and feathers.

 Where did you grow up? Ivano-Frankivsk, a small city in Ukraine, and I’m still here

What were you like as a child? A wild little thing, self-proclaimed master of screaming

What, or who inspires you? The sun does. Not that kind of everyday sun, but the blinks around

Who or what would you most like to photograph? Alienlike people and myself whenever I’m bored

What cameras do you use?
Film cameras

What music do you listen to? Nu rave, indietronica, female indie and My Brightest Diamond

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  1. He subido varias fotos de Old York, pero recién ahora me entero (gracias a vos) que es Tania su nombre.

    Saludos desde Argentina