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Juliette Steen

Juliette Steen lives in New South Wales, Australia and takes hauntingly beautiful photographs, that will stay with you, long after you have gazed at them. Juliette's photographs are all deeply personal, which translates into the time spent perfecting them. You can tell that these pictures mean something to her.

Who or what would you most like to photograph? I want to go snowy woods in winter overseas somewhere and take photos in the dark of a girl with pallid skin and wavy, brown hair that runs down her back. I want to build a cubby with fairy lights and white sheets and fluffy pillows and lie within it and take photos of my love. I want to swim in the waves of the sea and photograph the rolling waves and a long figure rolling along with them.

Who is your favourite author? Michael Ondaatje is incredible. His words are like reading a lullaby.

What are your ambitions with regards to your photography? I used to think I would be able to make a living through photography, but I've come to realise this modern world is a harsh one, particularly for art and photography, and to be honest I don't think my work would sell. It's too personal, too different to each other almost to the point where I don't think people can properly relate, and I hate being forced to take photos of things which I don't feel personally connected to. Photography is a large part of my identity and being and always will be, but I don't think it will ever be my career.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in a small, coastal town called Byron Bay, in Australia. I've been here since I was five and even though I adore it and its beauty, I can't wait to leave this place and go to uni in the city.

Which of your own photographs is your favourite? This is a really hard question for me. I often don't like a lot of my photos, but I never delete them because I know that sooner or later, I will look at them with a whole different perspective and they will grow on me. If I have to be specific (as specific as I can), I'd have to the my favourite photographs are the ones deeply personal to me, like those of my boyfriend, or my family, or friends, or a place special to me, and my time with all of them. I love looking at these photos and reliving emotions and the memories that come with them. I think that's the reason I take photos.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I don't really know. Probably tall, confident, brave, loving and pretty.

What were you like as a child? I was a very shy child. I went through a lot of things a child wouldn't and probably shouldn't go through and so I was often confused and awfully contemplative for a child. I was happy and had friends but I often went into a world of my own, making cubby houses, pretending I was a fairy, and playing with my soft toys by myself.

Who are your favourite photographers? My favourite photographers are often the ones who don't even know how amazing they are. I have discovered my most treasured photographers through flickr and blogger. Here's a few: tamara lichtenstein, adele reed, nirrimi hakanson, annette pehrsson, jasmine rubio, rachel duffy, benajmin alexander huseby, ana kras, lina scheynius, and ellen rogers.

What got you into photography? I think the main thing that got me into photography was my mother. My mother is an artist and so growing up I was always surrounded by creative elements; the smell of oil paints, seeing my own face in paintings, letting her draw or photograph me - essentially me being my mother's muse. So when I was 15 and was able to choose electives for school, I was immediately drawn to phototgraphy and art. Since then, I've loved photography to pieces.

What are your favourite blogs? tree castles, the hymn for the cigarettes, restless hearts, kisses and cross stitches, death wears diamond jewellery, boys who blush, and so many more.

What, or who inspires you? afternoon light, winter, old houses, darkness, a soft bed, a sparkle in someone's eyes, my lovely boyfriend, love, warmth, sun in my eyes, dishevelled hair, him sleeping, bon iver, frankie magazine's 'the photo album', his glowing skin, lazy days, my mother, and vintage tins.

What music do you listen to? It varies greatly depending on my mood. If I feel inspired or need inspiration I will listen to Bon Iver, if I'm happy I will listen to Metric, Foals, Phoenix or Cut Copy, if I feel adoration I will listen to Death Cab For Cutie or Number One Gun, if I feel filthy or over-excited I will listen to ke$ha (please don't tell anyone), and if I'm dispirited I will listen to Animal Collective. I haven't listened to Animal Collective for a long time, this is a good sign.

What cameras do you use?
For digital photos, I use a Nikon D60 and for film I use a Zenit-B, a Nikon F60 and my polaroid camera.

Juliette's flickr
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